The Problem of Plagiarism

is simply using another writer’s ideas or work an not including the right credit to the original author. When you adopt a text from a source into your writing or essay or research paper and fail to provide appropriate referencing, it is refered to as plagiarism. Plagiarism doesn’t only happen with students. As a matter of fact, In deed, popular authors and even college professors have been accused of stealing information and saying that they are the original authors. This is the main reason why universities tend to invest ina plagiarism checker and plagiarism detection service to check essays and papers that have been presented by students. In the majority of western cultures, plagiarizing is that is not dealt with lightly. Many are not aware that to use others’ work without giving proper recognition to the owner of the original idea is without any doubt an act of. Something as simple as modifying a copyrighted image or piece of art is in fact plagiarism. J.K. Rowling, author of the popular Harry Potter series was said to have stolen content for her famous book series Harry Potter from Adrian Jacobs’ story The Adventures of Willy the Wizard. Whether this is a reality or false accusations, it highlights how protected intellectual property is in the buisiness world.

This year, a number of academic institutions in America and Canada have been using plagiarism checkers to assess if new applicants have commited plagiarism. They are resorting to this because an increasing number of high school students that cheat in their college applications by presenting essays that have been written by others.

Some students think that using information from websites like Wikipedia is safe since none really claims ownership of those articles. That’s false. Before we go into the details of why it’s considered plagiarism, let’s first address an important issue. When writing an essay or research paper, it is good practice to read articles on the web that are related to your topic. Doing so helps you acquire new ideas and expands your understanding of your topic. This is what we call research. However, it is important to understand the basics of doing research before delving into it. What makes your writing strong is not the quantity of information, but rather the quality. Using websites such as Wikipedia actually lowers the quality of your writing. Websites like Wikipedia are meant to get you started on your research by giving you quick information and general ideas on the subject matter. Your job now is to look deeper into the topic by finding quality sources that would be suitable for your research. A good place to start would be your school library. Make an appointment with a librarian and ask her to help you find resources that are related to your topic. She will most likely show you books, periodicals, special publications and online databases of academic content. All of this is considered good materials to usein your paper.

There are two ways to use references in your writing. The first one is direct quotes and the second one is paraphrasing. In both cases you are required to cite the original source, since if you don’t, your work will are likely to be accused of plagiarism. Yes, even summarizing warrants giving credit to the person who wrote it first. Simply because you summarized an chunk of text You can’t claim it as your property. Be sure that you are using the correct citing format that’s adopted by your school. The main ones are MLA, APA and Chicago. Don’t forget to create a bibliography or all the sources you used in your paper. The bibliography is a page where sources are placed in alphabetical order. There is also a specific format to citations, based on the formats mentioned earlier.

Once you’re done with your writing, you must review it to guarantee it’s clear of any plagiarism. Submit your writing through a plagiarism detector to check that all each paraphrased or quoted source is correctly referenced. A plagiarism checker is a must have tool for every student and must be effectively used before you present any of your writing for assessment. Nearly all academic institutions will check your writing for instances of plagiarism using a plagiarism detection service.Laila Elad PHD.

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